Related material for ‘The Story of Tom Brennan’

Q: Hi i was wondering if you had any ideas of what could be the best related material for , rainbows end , witness, and the story of Tom Brennan i used Nemo for Tom Brennan as it described transitions well but I’m not sure if it was the best choice.

A: Nemo is not a strong choice. However, changing now isn’t the best idea either. If you want to send me you’re Nemo stuff I can check it for you.
This link will take you to suggestions: At this late stage, go for a film or a poem or a song lyric. There are also some suggestions that are online which means you won’t have to search for anything. I’ll need to have a think to be more specific.


okay well i watched “what’s eating Gilbert grape” yesterday and i think its perfect for tom brennan as it shows the same themes
– the mother in both are going through a hard time and there both excluding themselves form there families
– both “Gilbert” and “tom” are becoming independent and learning to trust someone new
-both families have experienced death which is effecting them
-conflict is a issue that pops up in both stories
-friendships are made and lost in both
I’m also thinking of using the song “The outsider” by Ramones …
for Rainbows end i might use rabbit proof fence and the song “my island home” by Christine Anu Confused smile emoticonbut I’m still lost about witness
A: Gilbert Grape sounds good – excellent, in fact –  as do the other suggestions you’ve made. However I am sure you don’t need another text for Close Study/Witness. You can ring the Board of Studies since it is still school holidays or try Advice line:
The link will give you more information. It’s worth the call.

2 thoughts on “Related material for ‘The Story of Tom Brennan’

  1. I was also thinking of gilbert grape for my related text, but am having trouble analysing it and linking it to Tom Brennan. If you could please give me any advice if you did use gilbert grape, it would be muchly appreciated. Thank you so much 🙂

    • I think Gilbert Grape is a good choice for Tom Brennan because they Are both about the challenge of overcoming circumstances that are not of your making but which you struggle to over come. This also means there are issues of self esteem and relationships which is ‘into the world’.

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