Frankenstein and Blade Runner

This article from the Herald is about scientific intervention and the ethics involved. Much like the issue raised in Frankenstein and Blade Runner. The article may help you understand why the two texts you are studying are significant and why they have been chosen. The concept of scientific intervention is far from new, is ongoing and raises ethical and moral issues.

You only need to skim the first section. It is not related material!


ABC’s Fours Corners as related material for Conflicting Perspectives

If you’re doing ‘Julius Caesar’, the ABC’s ‘Four Corners’ may be a source of related material because of the way it examines both sides of an issue. An example is the recent ‘Enemy Within’ about the ICAC investigation into Eddie Obeid and Ian McDonald. It’s about power and perspectives on power and how it is used. Worth thinking about.

Standard Module: Run Lola Run

Q: i am currently undertaking my final hsc year and have an in class essay coming up shortly

“the power of the distinctly visual lies in the portrayal of challenging ideas” – explain how the texts you have studied achieve this.
-RUN LOLA RUN, Tom Tykwer

im having trouble fully understanding the question and was wondering if i could have some help disecting the question and gainiing further information on distinctly visual and challanging ideas?

A: The question seems to be asking you to determine some ‘challenging ideas’ in the film and then look at how they are represented, that is the techniques Twyker has used in presenting those ideas to the viewer. As the story is essentially three tellings of the same basic event, you will get different perspectives on the core events. This should throw up different ideas. Then look at how it is filmed, that is the cinematic techniques. I suspect you have some material from class that might also help with ‘challenging ideas’.